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I just discovered a Voting Project called Vote In Or Out. Please help get this app off the ground by sharing or donating to their Kickstarter. Even just a $1 donation could be all it takes for them to hit that algorithm and get to the front page of Kickstarter. Thank you so much!
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Be the change you seek

Vote In Or Out is a place where you can find and share information to make informed voting decisions. Build ballots. Organize. Get out and vote.

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Who do you want to “Vote In Or Out”?

Swipe through the candidates. See high level scores based on how well they support the issues that matter to you.

Research together

Post research, fact-check, downvote fake news, upvote the truth. See top posts from people who agree with you. Use "Stance Switch" to see what the other side is saying.

Vote Informed

This isn't about being liberal or conservative. We ask you how you feel about the actual bills that are being debated in Congress and then connect you with power users to get you more information.

Power to the People

Find your tribe. Build your army. Follow unions, activists, advocacy groups, influencers and more. Get their latest research and ballots in your feed.

Create a ballot. Go Vote.

Once you feel like you can make an informed decision, create an intent by adding candidates into your ballot. We will send you a reminder to go on Election Day.